Thursday, July 15, 2010

Every Run is a Good Run

Have you ever finished a run, and then beat yourself up because you were too slow or you didn’t run far enough? (Yes, I make myself run .2 miles if my Garmin indicates I’ve only run 3.98 miles, but I’m working on it.) I used to be a fanatic about the quality of my runs; that is, until I was sidelined with a runners-knee, diminished gluteal strength injury for roughly five months.

While I sought help from every practitioner under the sun (acupuncturists, massage therapists, physical therapists, you name it) my weekly mileage was severely curtailed. I missed the ING Georgia Marathon and the Long Island Marathon while I was in recovery, and I pretty much drove my family (and no doubt my colleagues) crazy with my crankiness.

Five months and many spin classes later (I was in constant search of a runner’s high) I’m glad to report that I’ve made a full recovery (due to a long overdue visit to an orthopedic doctor) and I’m now running strong again.

Still I have to remind myself to gently ease back into running, and I’ve been able to do that (for the most part). Take it from me, there’s nothing like an injury to give you a little perspective on running. I’m now so grateful to be running again, that I never diminish my efforts – no matter what!

I pray you run well today.

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